Racheal Vichei with her learners at Njenga Primary School

Education Inequity in Kenya is seen where school going children in marginalized areas are left behind. A good example is an area like Turkana where children learn under trees, or lack proper classroom facilities that hinder their achievements in education. When it rains, there is flooding and no vehicle can reach the schools to supply learning and teaching materials. Because of this, children themselves don’t attend school according to the schools calendar.

Education inequity in Kenya is also seen in the physical environment of learning. For example, school structures in informal settlements, classroom organization, proper sanitation, insufficient learning supplies, untrained…

Children deserve to grow and learn in an accepting environment that embraces and empowers them. We firmly believe that every child has endless potential to achieve astounding things.

However, both boys and girls may have their light dimmed by the gender biases and stereotypes which greatly affect how they view themselves. Teach For Kenya is therefore working to ensure that we can create an equal future for all. This is by protecting all children from facing any gender biases and ensuring that they all find their true identity and believe in themselves.

Our Fellow , Cynthia Koome , a gender…

By: Collins Otieno, Teach For Kenya Fellow

Every adult today was a child someday whose current realities in different contexts were engineered by different socio-economic factors. Undoubtedly, education remains a significant factor for success and development in any nation. Sadly, many children living in underprivileged societies are denied the chance to realize their full potential due to education inequity. We would view the challenges to equitable quality education from the perspective of the phrase “think outside the BOX.” Though internalized and implemented by many, the phrase has attracted critical skepticism from open-minded scholars. It is in doubt who created the…

By: Clara Omol

Sources : Dianarose Njui ( Leadership and Development Officer, Teach for Kenya) , Collins Ngetich and George Ngala ( Teach for Kenya Fellows)

Teach for Kenya Fellows and Team at Mukuru Kwa Njenga

As Coretta Scott King said, ‘the greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.’ On 12th October 2020, Teach for Kenya had a community visit in the informal settlements of Mukuru kwa Njenga, in the East of Nairobi, Embakasi Constituency. …

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