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3 min readMay 12, 2021
Racheal Vichei with her learners at Njenga Primary School

Education Inequity in Kenya is seen where school going children in marginalized areas are left behind. A good example is an area like Turkana where children learn under trees, or lack proper classroom facilities that hinder their achievements in education. When it rains, there is flooding and no vehicle can reach the schools to supply learning and teaching materials. Because of this, children themselves don’t attend school according to the schools calendar.

Education inequity in Kenya is also seen in the physical environment of learning. For example, school structures in informal settlements, classroom organization, proper sanitation, insufficient learning supplies, untrained teachers, and lack of electricity in schools hinders learning and student achievements.

Alternatively, crowded classrooms and a high-density of students often result in lower student achievement and a poorer student disposition.

Poverty is also a form of education inequity seen in Kenya where, students that come from low income families do not attend school regularly because of lack if school fees and even learning materials. This greatly hinders their achievements.

For any Education Champion, these challenges bother them because one cannot allow his younger generation to tread in the ways he/she trod.

Teach For Kenya’s mission is about building a leadership force for our country, who will catalyze the systemic change needed to transform our schools, schooling systems and broader platform of social opportunity.

The organization strives to work with young leaders across the country, who will be patient and empower our younger generation who are in dire need of quality education. However, due to poverty, gender inequality, negative cultural practices and gender based violence, cause them to drop out of schools and their dreams shuttered.

This is the reason why I, Racheal Vichei joined the Teach For Kenya fellowship, a two year leadership journey that would see every Kenyan child reach their true potential. Looking back, twenty three years ago, someone believed in me. I was still a young girl but got an opportunity to join the best boarding school in Western part of Kenya.

I had an opportunity to interact with the best and passionate teachers who nurtured me until I realized my career path which was to be a dedicated teacher. This is why the teaching profession is very noble profession, every lesson delivered changes a learner’s life just like mine was changed. My dreams came true when I studied Bachelors of Education. This journey prepared me as Teacher and to be a change maker in the education space.

I am very grateful to Teach For Kenya for believing in me and my abilities. The trainings at the Summer Institute prepared me very well for the task ahead. Having trained on various topics like emotional intelligence, handling learners with different learning abilities, disability in education and even being ready as a teacher, gave me the right vision.

Racheal sharing her vision during the Summer Institute

On 4th January 2021 when schools in Kenya resumed, I was excited to meet learners of different abilities and help them read, and acquire numeracy skills. So far as a Fellow, I have been patient with these learners, going with their pace and ensuring that they find joy and passion in learning. Through my leadership skills they have gained confidence, tapping into their hidden potential and loving schools more than ever.

I am therefore dedicated to complete my two years journey in style having made positive impact by supporting my learners’ dreams and that one day they will become who they want to be in life.

I do love the quote by Lupita Nyong’o that,

“No matter where you are from, your dreams are valid”.

Meet the author

Racheal Vichei is a dedicated Educator, passionate about Sustainable Development Goal 4 for Quality Education as a key to transform people’s lives. She also has a strong interest in Education in Emergencies.